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Our Mission

We are at the forefront of revolutionizing talent engagement across Africa. Our mission is to streamline talent sourcing, talent management, and direct talent placement for businesses aiming to thrive within the African landscape.

Talent Sourcing and Placement

We provide niche headhunting and team structuring services with our ideal assessment model to hand-pick the best talent and groom them with you.

In-House Training and Development

We design and coach new and existing teams for first 30-90 days of success based on a Skills Audit conducted and measured from the first day of hire to the first day of probation.

Optimisation Workshops

We support in providing essential tools and evaluation needed for collaboration and partnership to ensure you’ve taken the right executive decisions for unknown territories.

The Approach
Empowering businesses with the skills of the future
We are

Client Centric

We conduct our needs scoping with full involvement, and intentionally simplify your problem into digestible deliverables . No one can do anything alone, so we develop ecosystem and stakeholder partnerships at every level.

We are believers of

Modular Design

Our design is built to be modular such that any industry, and any size of firm can leverage our workshops and trainings for their own staff or new hires. Our soft skills assessment can fit any role and any job description with intentionality.

We create with

Replicability in mind

With over 20 years of combined experience in the industry, our blueprint models are design so that they can be repeated. This allows us to train our clients to replicate systems and models they learn from us at scale.

The Process

Don’t be left behind. Our community is a growing network focused on creation of quality jobs and workplace skills.


Want to invest in building your career and skills for keeping up with the future of work?


Want to to hire top, vetted talent and learn the best tools in market to retain talent?

Why now?

Africa is Rising

Africa’s population is growing fast with the young workforce driving the bulge. 70% of the population is under 30, but there is a choice for them to be absorbed by the labor market, or begin their own ventures.

Skills need to be in line with the future of work

1. In a world where “learning on the job” for workplace skills is more important than ever before, Africa’s high-skilled professionals need to be empowered and exposed to the right skills for the future.

2. Businesses need to design the future of their organization innovatively and think out of the box when it comes to hiring for the right technical and soft skills in unchartered territories.

3. Businesses need vetted talent to set up smarter launch teams for new products, new markets and new ventures with a push for internal training driven by active learning.

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Phone Number

+255 694 933 250


11, Zanaki Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. (Opposite Maratha Badminton Institute)


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