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Meet a Pro

“Meet a Pro” Training Academy was started in order to coach professionals who are in mid and senior level positions. We have grown into customised coaching 1:1s with founders, and also professionals who want to grow their skills with guided mentorship.

We’ve designed courses to fit industry needs.

It’s just a matter of taking the first step.

Edition One

Building a Powerful Personal Brand: Develop your Competitive Edge

Edition Two

The Science of Networking Effectively

Edition Three

Principles of Persuasion: Decision-making and Negotiation

Edition Four

The Art of the Hustle: Managing Side Hustles for Growth

Edition Five

Sustaining Peak Performance with Grit and Resilience

Edition Seven

Growth Mindset: Why Feedback Matters and How To Do It Right

Edition Six

Planning to Adapt and be Flexible: The Power of Prioritization

Edition Eight

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work: Practicing Accountability At Work and Off Work

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Fees and Information

Welcome to our executive and mid coaching program, where we help you unlock
your full potential and excel in your professional journey. Through our sessions, we
provide personalized guidance to enhance your skills, achieve your goals, and
navigate the challenges of today’s competitive business landscape.


Typically, we encourage a bulk sign up for advanced booking for 8 sessions. Enjoy a 10% discount if you book 4 in advance, and 20% if you book all 8


Each session costs $89 per session. These can be done in person or online.


Each session is conducted in a one-on-one format. There is pre-work and
assignments due.
● Before we begin work with you, we ensure that we conduct your DISC
personality test.
● Sessions can be scheduled at your convenience, based on availability of the
coach and suggested frequency from the first call after the DISC profile is
● The program is designed for mid-level and executive professionals seeking
personal and professional growth either in a new career change or in running
their own new business.

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