Talent Sourcing and Management

Talent Search and Headhunting
Where people, intelligence and businesses meet to design for success.


From mid-level professional, to senior level professional, we use already known role and skillset to help the assessment module with the first 60 day deliverables to get the right candidate.

Completed JD and Assessment Modules for the role
Final 3 profiles for group interview with concrete reports
End-to-end sourcing management with no headache until the last day

Launch Team/Pioneer Team Setups

We help to craft the core JDs and Line Management structures and framework needed for success and begin with a starting search list to assess feasibility and availability of talent (in-house and new search).

Administrative Roles
Finance Roles
Marketing Roles
Sales and Business Roles
Operations Roles
Customer Success Roles

Outsourced Large Team Setup (Any Department)

From foot soldiers to customer care teams, we help you to source large teams of 10-50 members with a direct trainer and expert paired with your Head of Department for customised 12 weeks of training.

Initial 5-7 day workshop with HOD to craft training and hiring guides
Continuous mechanism for theoretical training and field/trade testing
Final KPI , Target Setting and Ways of Working structures established

Our Clients

Our partners that trusted us to build and upskill their world-class teams across Africa

View what roles our other partners are looking for

Help us share these in your network too. We never reveal the companies at the first stage. Once a candidate secures a written assessment, they learn about the company and the culture — this is our way to fight bias and preconceived notions.

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