In-house training and development

In-House Training and Development
Designing the relevant skills-based training with active learning in mind

Executive and Mid Coaching

Whether you’re a non-profit, an accelerator or a switched-on founder, we provide customised coaching sessions for staff with GROW model in mind.

Pre-Assessment Reviews
Individual training and coaching
Customised Group Trainings
Career Transition or New Manager Training

Curriculum Design

Whether you’re trying to design your own in-house training, or exploring a train-the-trainer model, our team is well-equipped to use various forms of design thinking to prepare the right tools of development that belong to you!

Systems Thinking
Design Thinking
Product Pilot Testing
Futures Thinking

Large Workshops and Facilitations

From larger workshop reviews to facilitation of trainings based on industry practice and new trends, we work to groom your staff and keep them up to date with the future of work and future of skills trainings.

Non-Profit Advisory
Niche Industry Trainings
Start-up Advisory
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