The Team

While our full-time team is lean, we have a large network of experts. Here are the brains and operating minds behind it all.

Managing Director (Headhunting and Talent Mapping) – Rushika J. Pattni

Rushika holds a double B.A. in Economics and Public Health from Yale University and is currently pursuing an executive MBA at Hult Business School in Dubai with a focus on Finance STEM and Organization Psychology. She was the youngest and first appointed CSO at the largest payment service provider working with Mastercard in Tanzania. Before coming back to Tanzania, she has also worked in Nepal, Rwanda, Kenya, Mauritius, and China within the space of payments, technology and education.

At Recroot Africa, she is excited to help companies that are focusing on new markets, large scale partnerships and establishing an HCD approach for their go-to-market delivery. She is also a trained coach for professionals and is excited to bring that forward to the youth as well.

Director (Programs and Partnerships) – Jahan Ali Jivani

Jahan has a diverse background in economics, political science, and financial services. Holding a B.A. from the University of Alberta in Canada, Jahan honed his skills at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, where he seamlessly handled a multitude of customer transactions, leveraging his keen insight to connect clients with tailored financial solutions.

His journey continued with the government of British Columbia, where he excelled in managing complex scheduling and staffing logistics, ensuring operational efficiency across multiple units and healthcare centers. Now, having returned to Tanzania, Jahan is poised to tackle the unique human resources challenges facing the region.

At Recroot Africa, Jahan is driven to make a difference, leveraging his expertise to address recruitment, retention, leadership development, and corporate culture. With a vision to foster meaningful partnerships that engage the workforce and spur economic growth, Jahan embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration and is ambitious to make a transformative impact as he navigates the intersection of business and social impact in Tanzania.

Head of Programs and Partnerships, Managed Services – Fredrick Mwamfwagasi

Fred holds a B.A in IT & Business from LearnIT, and a certified professional in Digital Finance (Fletcher University). He has vast experience in the telecommunications, hospitalit and service, and digital banking space. His work spans from department talent and grooming for Sales, and Customer Success, while he’s also handled large team setups of freelancers and gig workers at his previous roles in Serena Hotels, Vodacom (MPESA) and Selcom. He has vast local experience in Tanzania and has visited all the regions for executing his work that requires direct collaboration with national and local government stakeholders.

At Recroot Africa, he is excited to be leading the work in the space of hiring and training of specialised roles in Sales, Operations, and Administration, cutting across the industries of FMCG, CPG, Financial Institutions, Fintech and Hospitality and Service.

Partner (Kenya) – Thatcher Mweu

Thatcher holds a B.A in Political Science and Government from Smith College. She has vast experience in the African tech space, and has been instrumental in the early to mid-stages of startups in education, software engineering, health, and logistics. Her regional experience includes Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia.

At Recroot Africa, she is excited to support executives and businesses to improve performance and accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth as she thinks through the different strategies and scopes.

Nicholaus Mabula –

Nicholaus is majoring in Computer Science, and is currently undergoing studies at Open University Of Tanzania. He worked with AIESEC to hone his leadership skills and how to bring about an impact to the society through various youth programs. He held the Presidential position at AIESEC, and now works directly under the management of experts and the labs under Recroot Africa.

Glory Msuya

Glory holds a B.A. in Law from the University of Dar-es-Salaam. As she was in university she also led the African University Student Platform (AUSP) as the Legal Director. She has great knowledge in tax law, company law and ADR, capable of giving legal advice and consultation. She has worked in various law firms in Tanzania and gained experience in dealing with tax disputes, corporate and commercial transactions and alternative dispute resolution processes. She now works directly under the management of handling client proposals and methodologies of entry to market so that no stone is left unturned. 

Jovitus Kamugisha

Jovitus is an experienced and highly motivated individual with a track record of success in overseeing staff within the Hospitality industry. Having previously worked in hospitality and FMCG space, he has over 6 years of experience in driving sales growth through diligent monitoring of employee performance and implementing effective sales strategies in Tanzania and Zanzibar. He has previously worked with Burger53 and Backyard where we learned directly about best practices in the hospitality industry, before moving to Zanzibar with SUVACOR and also Kwetu Kwenu Africa to help establish their entire operations there. A fun fact is that he has visited 87 restaurants in Tanzania that has helped him craft his unique training model for all his side projects in trainings. He now works under the department to begin low-skilled workforce training for large team and outsourced setups.

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